A NFT powered Trading Card Game connecting the digital and physical world

What makes CryptoMages TM really special is that you can play it in the real world with real cards but also play it with the digital twins of the Cards online against other players.

The real cards contain a chip which store the key to the NFT in the Blockchain. You can make your card individual by training and using them Online. Trade them with other players as easy as swiping a card between each other.

If you buy a CryptoMages Card, you always buy also it's digital twin which is an NFT stored on the Bitcoin Subsidum Blockchain (xbtx) and the Wallet to hold it is directly build into the matching real card.
Use your mobile phone to read out physical cards parameters and compare them with other cards of same type. This way a basic card can become a more valuable warrior in-game and more valuable if you like to trade cards with friends.

To finalize the physical Cards we will create a short Kickstarter Campaign, followed by a Pre-Sale offering via the worlds best online store to pay with crypto.

The game will be available Physically (yes simple cards and playfield for your table and digitally for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android as well as MorphOS, AmigaOS and AROS.